1. My Application is not logging on.

You are not connected to the internet/network, therefore your application is not autenticating. Please make sure your TV box is connected to the internet. Verify you have an IP address in the same class as your router and go to the browser and see if you can get online to any web address. If still no go, exit out to home page and power off/on the IPTV box.

2. I have audio but not image

The bandwith for image is larger. Exit and renter the channel. Or change channel then come back, this should refresh and reload the stream.

3. My stream is stopping, then restarting in few seconds.

The stream is probably buffering. This can happen often in the first minutes of the play and also during the play if your download speed is under the stream speed. Run a speed test to capture the speed and if you are on a low speed, turn off/on the IPTV box.

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